Responsible Recreational Angling in South Africa

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March 14, 2017
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May 10, 2017

Responsible Recreational Angling in South Africa

The South African coastline is home to one of the most diverse selections of edible fish in the world. Whether you fish for fun, or fish for the competitive thrill of bagging a catch bigger than the bloke standing next to you on the beach – the South African Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries lays out regulations for responsible angling that all South African fishermen and fisherladies should be adhering to. Let’s have a look at how to participate in responsible recreational angling in South Africa…

Responsible Deep Sea Fishing

Responsible deep sea angling starts with the vessel you are planning on taking out on the water. The deep-sea boat you will be fishing from needs to be seaworthy and mechanically sound with the necessary safety gear, such as life jackets, with a copy of the skipper’s ticket kept on board. All anglers on board must be in possession of valid recreational angling permits (Code 01) and at least one on-board individual must have a fishing vessel permit (Code 10). Deep sea anglers should take note of any marine protected areas (MPAs) that can be found here. Navigate to the last section of this article for fish size and bag limits that must be adhered to.

Responsible Surf Fishing

If you’re planning on taking rod in hand and casting a line along the golden South African shorelines, there are a few regulations to keep in mind when doing so. All surf anglers must have a valid fishing permit on them when fishing. Surf anglers may only utilise a rod, reel and line to catch surf fish – and can only use a fishing gaff for the purposes of landing a fish once hooked on a line. No clubs, sticks or spears may be used to land your catch. If using a cast net, it may not be more than 6m in diameter. All South African anglers should keep in mind that no landed fish may be sold or traded. For surf fishing size and bag limit regulations, see below.

Fishing Minimum Sizes and Bag Limits

Whether you’re a deep-sea angler or prefer to keep your feet on solid ground when fishing, keep these size and bag limits in mind when landing your catch. Below are the top 10 edible South African fish you can hook, with their size and bag limits included:

Species of Fish Size Limits Bag Limits
Spotted Grunter 40cm 5
Yellowtail none 10
White Stumpnose 25cm 10
Musselcracker 50cm 1
Galjoen 35cm 2
Pig-nose Grunter 60cm 1
Shad 30cm 4
Garrick 70cm 2
Bronze Bream 30cm 2
Geelbek 60cm 2

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