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Suzuki DF200AS / DF200SS
April 20, 2020
Suzuki DF250T
April 20, 2020

Suzuki DF200T

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Thank you for your interest in Suzuki Marine, the Ultimate Outboard Motor!

The DF200 are designed with a 55° V-Block powerhead and offset driveshaft that keep these POWERFUL outboards compact. With a large displacement of 3614cm3, this engine features a 24-valve powerhead with digital sequential fuel injection.

The DF200 utilize a first stage gear reduction (32:40) between the crankshaft and driveshaft, and a second stage reduction (12:22) in the lower unit’s gear case, resulting in an overall gear ratio of 2.29. This is the LARGEST gear reduction ratio found in any outboard of 200HP. Such a powerful reduction allows these outboards to turn a 16-inch diameter propeller specially designed for greater acceleration and maximum speed.

Along with providing greater acceleration, the gear reduction in combination with the four-stroke engine’s wide power band is capable of handling a wide variety of loads, which is a significant benefit to boaters whose loads vary from day to day. This model also has a self-Adjusting Timing Chain that never needs lubricating, also remaining properly adjusted at all times.

The DF200T comes standard with the Suzuki Multi-Function Gauge of which the below video explains its beneficial use.

Below Attached you find the product brochure of the motor.

DF200 V6 Brochure

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