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Suzuki DF200A/AP
April 20, 2020
Suzuki DF200T
April 20, 2020

Suzuki DF200AS / DF200SS

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Thank you for your interest in Suzuki Marine, the Ultimate Outboard Motor!

The DF200AS (aka. DF200SS) brings you the best of brains and brawn, combining high tech features with Suzuki’s proven Big Block displacement to provide POWER and TORQUE for hole shot and top end speed and great fuel economy.

Redesigned inline 4 cylinder engine features dual overhead cams and powerful 10.2-to-1 compression ratio for superior throttle response.

The new DF200AS has a new hydrodynamic designed gear case, similar to the DF300, that reduces drag created as the lower unit moves through the water. This contributes to FASTER ACCELERATION and increased speed.

Moreover, the new Watergrip Sport propeller employs a high rake blade design. As a result, it delivers remarkably stable thrust power to the water when turning, which results in superior maneuverability, excellent acceleration and exceptional top speed.

The exclusive matt black paint job and striking cowling graphics are a perfect match to the performance of these proven engines.

The DF200AS comes standard with the Suzuki Multi-Function Gauge of which the below video explains its beneficial use.

You can read more about the specifications and development of this Ultimate DF200AS on this link:

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