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April 20, 2020
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April 20, 2020

Suzuki DF2.5

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Thank you for your interest in Suzuki Marine, the Ultimate Outboard Motor!

The DF2.5 portable outboard weighs only 13.5kg and is a single cylinder OHV 4-stroke engine, with 4.15 cu. in. displacement that generates plenty of power for small tenders and inflatables. It features easy-to-pull recoil starting with Suzuki Pointless Electronic Ignition. The integral 1L overhead fuel tank and one-way valve delivers fuel supply using gravity which contributes to EASY START. No battery is required for this remarkably simple and reliable system. The DF2.5 engine runs quietly and smoothly, and is water-cooled, which promotes improved dependability.

Like all Suzuki 4-strokes, the DF2.5 is extremely RELIABLE, meets emissions standards, requires very little maintenance, and it is easy to handle and stow.

Due to its excellent quality and value, it is no surprise that the DF2.5S is a BEST-SELLING model in its segment in South Africa.

We invite you to visit our dealership so we can explain to you in more detail or feel free to call us.

Attached below you will find the product brochure of the motor.

DF2.5 Brochure USA

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