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Cobra cat 900 cabin
Cobra cat 900 cabin
July 22, 2015
Yogi 16ft cat
Yogi cat 500 forward console
August 25, 2015

Raptor 660 cat forward console

Raptor 660 cat


Length – 21’ 6” (6.6m)
Beam – 2.55m
Min hp — 2 x 75hp
Max hp — 2 x 115hp
Buoyancy — Foam and bottles

From a distance The Raptor has fairly similar looks to some of the other big boats on the market, but on closer inspection I found some nice features that you would not find on other boats. She is definitely deserving of more than a second look for prospective boat buyers looking for something in this class, and I liked what I saw. 
The first impression is already one of a spacious boat, but it’s only once you get onboard that you realise just how much space there is.

This is one of the few boats that I am prepared to say is “built for fishermen by a fisherman”. From the bow to the stern it’s clear they knew what they were doing with the layout.

There is easy access to the anchor hatch in the front with a step through the middle of the console and a windscreen that opens. In the deck of the walk-through passage they have put a cooler hatch where you can store anything that needs to be chilled, from beer through to bait.

The console has hatches on both sides in the front, and there are two swivel seats — one for the skipper and one for crew — with a lovely stainless-steel T-top to round it off. This T-top has extra rod holders at the top. There are also spotlights on both sides that could be used for deck lights during night fishing. The anchor light is also fitted on the top.

This T-top can be folded down to reduce wind resistance while towing. The gunnels are more or less knee height which makes them very comfortable to lean against, but not too high if you have to gaff a fish. There’s also place to store rods in the gunnels.

The fish hatches are big enough to easily hold your day’s catches. 
In the middle of the deck there’s extra seating on top of the fuel hatches. At the moment the fuel hatch holds six fuel cans, but Ricky indicated that he will be making it bigger to take at least eight fuel cans.

Moving further back you will find the battery boxes in the stern — one on each side. In the centre, between the roll bars, there’s a walk-through for easy access on to the deck when you’re pushing the boat into the water. In the walk-through floor they have included a spacious livebait well with a window in the front. Inside both the roll bars there’s a bait board that is comfortable to use for cutting bait and gives you a place to leave your pliers and knife without worrying that they will fall into the ocean. There’s also extra storage space in the false transom at the back.

This boat is very spacious indeed — five people could easy fish on her without being in each other’s way.

I am really impressed with the Raptor 660 and think she’s one of the best all-round boats that I have tested in a long time.

This 21’ 6” boat is worth looking at if you want something big and spacious. She looks good, has enough space for the whole family and all at a price that won’t bankrupt you. What more could you want?