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KFX 750
April 26, 2020
Landing Craft 960
April 26, 2020

Landing Craft 840


The 8.4 m semi-deep V hull weighs only 2.25 tons, and offers 26 square metres of deck space with a 150 litre under deck built-in fuel tank and reinforced gunnels allowing very little flex. The hull configuration includes a self-draining wet deck, dual motor mounts, motor guards, 6 sturdy bollards fitted to the gunnels, helm console, helm seat and 2.0 m bow ramp.

A canopy top over the helm console, seating for passengers, anti-fouling to the waterline and non-slip deck surface, for the safety of crew and passengers alike, are optional. Due to it’s main purpose requiring optimal available deck space, stowage space is at a minimum above deck level on this boat. If required, under deck stowage can be incorporated into the hull design, closed with flush-mounted hatches and passenger seating can double as stowage.

8.4 m
3.18 m
Weight (Boat Only)
2256 kg
Hull Material
4 mm Marine Grade Aluminium
Deck Material
4.5 mm Tread Plate
Horsepower Requirements
2 x 70 / 200 HP (Min / Max)
Seating Capacity
Deck Space
26.2 m²
Integral Motor Mount
Fuel Capacity
150 litre (Built in tanks)
Hull Design
Semi-Deep V
Areas of Operation
Swamps / Lakes / Rivers / Estuaries / Shallow Water / Oceans
Included as Standard
Buoyancy, Helm Console, T-Top Canopy, Motor Protection Bars and Painted Non-Slip Deck
Available Extras
Trailer / Canopy / Cushioned Seating / Propulsion Options

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