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Fusion 19
April 24, 2020
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April 24, 2020

Fusion 21

Do anything, go anywhere, anytime!
The ultimate versatility in a single craft

The newly released FUSION 21 is the flagship of our FUSION range. This multi-purpose boat is capable of everything including inshore and offshore fishing, flats and estuary fishing, skiing, wakeboarding and tubing, and leisure boating.

Set up your FUSION 21 for offshore fishing then come back and convert it within 15 minutes to a family leisure / water skiing boat, and then later on in the day one can convert it into a flats fishing boat. All design features on the FUSION 21 have more than one function such as the use of Railblaza starports that can take over 30 receptacles. The under deck hatches

All in one day, with one boat.




Water Skiing


Inshore &
Offshore Fishing


Flats &
Estuary Fishing


Leisure Boating


The hull length and gunwale height to width ratio follows the modern Bay Boat design popular in America.

The Fusion design is based on this international design trend where the beam is wider to length ratio. This allows the boat to be stable, get on the plane easily and provides ample deck space, making the Fusion one of the most versatile boats in its class.

This design trend allows for a smooth and stable boat which can accommodate a wide HP range. Clever use of deck space, console design and positioning gives you the feeling of space, perfect for a variety of activities.

  • Variable V hull design – Handling
  • Reverse hook in hull – Planning quickly
  • 15 Degrees transom angle – Additional negative trim
  • Wide reverse chine – Stability at rest and dryness
  • Flare freeboard at bow – Dryness and keeps bow from diving into waves
  • Sharp deadrise forward vee – Cutting through chop and waves
  • Light boats – Great horsepower range, easy to launch and retrieve, and easy to tow

Technical Specs

  • LOA 6.7m
  • BOA 2.45m
  • Freeboard 797mm
  • Deck to Gunwale height 650 but variable
  • 18 degree deadrise at transom
  • 15 degree transom rake
  • Single or dual engine set up
  • Electric trolling motor 115L – 72inch
  • Single motor 30 inch UL shaft
  • Twin Motors 25inch XL shaft
  • Min Hp single 200hp
  • Max Hp single 300hp
  • Min Hp twin 70hp
  • Max Hp twin 140hp
  • Wet deck
  • 130% Buoyancy
  • Samsa Cat R-B
  • LOA on trailer motor up 9027mm
  • LOA on trailer motor down 8487mm
  • HOA overall height on trailer 15″ wheels 2545mm


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