Suzuki Outboards

Outboard Boat Motors

Natal Power Boats is an authorised dealer of Suzuki outboard boat motors, and our wide range of Suzuki outboards include 26 options – ranging from the smaller Suzuki DF6 outboards up to the Suzuki DF300 powerhouse boat motor! No matter the aquatic propulsion you require, we have the outboard boat motor for you! Select your capacity, get in touch with us, and we will reply with a quotation before you can say, “where’s my boat motor?”…

  • 60HP Suzuki 4-Stroke Outboard Motor with Control

  • 6HP Suzuki 4-Stroke (1 Year Old) Outboard Motor

  • New 2.5HP Suzuki 4-Stroke Outboard Motor

  • Suzuki DF100B

  • Suzuki DF115A

  • Suzuki DF140A

  • Suzuki DF150A

  • Suzuki DF15A

  • Suzuki DF2.5

  • Suzuki DF200A/AP

  • Suzuki DF200AS / DF200SS

  • Suzuki DF200T

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