Mind-Blowing Boating Spots: SA’s Best-Kept Secrets

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Mind-Blowing Boating Spots: SA’s Best-Kept Secrets

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Ocean, Dam or River, South Africa has the boating locations to feed your power boating thirst. That feeling of a roaring engine, the bounce of a hull hitting the water and the freedom you experience when on the water has garnered huge interest and created a significant following in South Africa.

These Are the Best Boating Spots in South Africa

The combination of fantastic weather, rivers, extensive coastline, dams and mountains make for conditions that are great for power boating. Below we have come up with the best and most unique boating spots in South Africa.

Jozini Dam, KZN

The Jozini Dam is situated in North Eastern KZN near the towns of Jozini and Mkuze. The dam owes its flow to the Pongola River with the dam wall situated in the Pongola Gorge, this was the reasoning behind the original name of Pongolapoort Dam. The Jozini Dam lies between the majestic Ubombo and Lebombo mountains and is sometimes compared to Laker Kariba in Zimbabwe.

Jozini Dam has a host of attractions that makes power boating there so rewarding. These include wildlife such as tigerfish, elephants, buffalo, wildebeest, cheetahs and other interesting wildlife.

If you are visiting Jozini Dam to catch some tigerfish, remember these points:

●       Tiger fishing is slower in winter as they prefer warmer waters, but it is still possible to catch them year-round.

●       Don’t shy away from dirty, discoloured water as tiger fish are known to prefer them.

●       Try to use fluorocarbon leader when fishing with braid instead of a clear line.

Other species making Jozini dam home are barbel and giant carp.

Hermanus, Western Cape

For breath-taking scenery, unparalleled scenery, modern infrastructure, shopping, fishing and endless adventures, Hermanus is the place to be. Head down to the Western Cape coast for an unforgettable experience where you can do more than just fish (although that’s all we want to do) but still get on your boat and go whale watching. Hermanus was named the best whale watching spot by The Telegraph so it’s obvious why it has found a place on our list of best boating spots in South Africa.

If you are still hell-bent on fishing, you can expect a great day out on the water with the potential to catch Cape salmon, cob, snoek and crayfish in season. If you will be fishing or spending a day whale watching in the ocean remember to use the tips mentioned in our previous blog that will keep you fresh and healthy.

Sunday’s River, Eastern Cape

We’ve covered ocean and dam locations, now it’s time for our power boating river destination which may just be our favourite of the three. Sunday’s River is a mere 20 minutes’ drive from Port Elizabeth which makes it’s easily accessible and lies alongside magnificent sand dunes that date back 100 000 years.

This destination seems to have carved by mother nature just for boating enthusiasts – you are able to travel far inland via the river (approx. 6km) and boasts great estuarine fishing all along the river. The area is also abundant with bird life, extensive opportunities for water sports, great BnBs, a quaint little town called Colchester and the dunes which tie up the brilliance of this area.

Where Will Your Boat Take You Next?

Now that you know the best boating spots and SA’s best kept secrets, you can plan your next power boating adventure. Get in touch with Natal power Boats today for all of your boating needs, we’d be glad to assist!