Introducing the New Suzuki DF150AP Outboard

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Introducing the New Suzuki DF150AP Outboard

The technological wizards that create Suzuki outboards have been working tirelessly on developing an outboard boat motor that provides outstanding power and exciting performance, while awarding superior fuel efficiency – all from a super compact and lightweight outboard boat motor. Natal Power Boats is proud to introduce the Suzuki DF150AP!
This 4-stroke beast of a motor promises to thrill even the most diehard of boating enthusiasts, with big outboard performance in a small outboard design. This is the newest Suzuki outboard on the market, and boaters around the world are raving about its superior performance. Let’s have a look at what this compact, lightweight and fuel-efficient Suzuki DF150AP outboard motor has to offer…

Fuel Efficiency

The new Suzuki DF150AP boasts ground-breaking fuel efficiency technology in what they have called Lean Burn. This is Suzuki’s intelligent fuel delivery system that can actually predict your boat’s fuel needs, delivering a more precise fuel mixture which translates to greater fuel efficiency.
The Suzuki DF150AP us newly equipped with VVT, or variable valve timing, which is known to improve performance as well as fuel economy. The DF150AP delivers a 4% improvement in fuel efficiency as compared to the earlier DF150TG model.

Power Output

The Suzuki DF150AP features a semi-direct air intake system incorporated into the cowl. This delivers cool air directly to the multi-stage induction module on the engine. With a superior compression ratio of 10.2:1, the DF150AP generates impressive acceleration and superb low-end torque.
Other than super low-end torque, the DF150AP offers a 5.5% increase in power output as compared to the earlier DF150TG model. The 2-stage gear reduction system results in a higher gear ratio of 2.50:1, miles ahead of any other outboard in its class.

Engine Reliability

The first thing you’ll notice about the new Suzuki DF150AP is how quiet the outboard is when running. The clever Suzuki wizards have included an air intake resonator at the intake manifold, a common source of engine noise, that reduces noise from air being sucked into the manifold.

A Suzuki Water Detecting System has been included to help protect the engine from moisture in the fuel. A filter that is able to detect moisture will alert the operator on the included digital gauge, and action can be taken.

In addition to this, an O2 Sensor Feedback Control system helps to maintain optimum engine efficiency by monitoring engine performance and providing input to the ECM. This allows it to manage the fuel/air mixture for maximum performance.

General Features

– In-line 4-cylinder motor
– Weight: 236kg
– Lean Burn technology
– Drive-by-wire controls
– Supplied with digital MFG gauges
– Suzuki Selective Rotation
– Optional Suzuki Keyless Start
– Available in L and X shaft

Suzuki Outboard Motors in Durban

As far as the Suzuki DF150AP’s capabilities are concerned, this article has only scratched the surface. This powerful Suzuki outboard boast Suzuki Precision Control (SPC), Suzuki Selective Rotation, and a multi-function digital gauge! At Natal Power Boats, we’re crazy about Suzuki outboard motors, so get in touch with us and we’ll tell you all about the new Suzuki DF150AP outboard motor!