What is a Good First Boat to Buy?

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January 31, 2017
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What is a Good First Boat to Buy?

So, you’ve decided to splash out and buy your first boat. Whether you’re looking to take the family out on a late-afternoon river cruise, or you’ve decided to try your hand and deep sea fishing – there are a few things to know about boats before taking the plunge and putting that savings fund to good use. Natal Power Boats looks at the advantages of new versus used boats, different types of boats, and a good first boat to buy!

New Versus Pre-Owned Boats

The first question to ask yourself is if you’d prefer to buy a new boat, or a pre-owned boat. New boats are naturally without fault right from the start. These are ordered directly from the factory and are unblemished. What’s more is that buying a new boat allows you access to a comprehensive warranty and after-sale service from the dealer. Pre-owned boats will have been taken out by others before you, and the condition will depend on who you buy the boat from. If you buy a pre-owned boat from a dealer, you can rest assured that it has been checked and serviced properly before being put on sale.

Different Types of Boats

The type of boat you buy will depend on the applications you’d like your boat to cater to. For example, a bass boat is perfect for river or dam fishing but not that great at tackling the open ocean. There are three main boating activities – fishing, water sports, and cruising. While there are boats that can be used for two or even all three of these, it is best to purchase a boat that caters to your specific needs.

Cruising boats are specifically designed to take people out for, well, a cruise! While you can take part in basic fishing from a cruise boat, it might not be good for the die-hard fisherman.

Fishing boats are made with fishermen in mind, and usually have cockpits at the rear to keep the deck open for fishing activities.

Water ski boats are designed for the adrenaline junkies looking to participate in water sports of all sorts. These are designed for speed and are perfect for those weekends away at the dam.

A Good First Boat to Buy

If you’re looking for a good first boat to buy, one that will really blow your hair back as you take the family out on an exciting boating cruise, we recommend starting with a stylish Sundowner 190 Bow Rider. Elegant in black and white, the Sundowner 190 features a Suzuki 150 horse power motor and a new galvanised trailer – meaning you can hitch her and drive her home from the showroom! Seating for up to seven people including the driver and a rope hitch for water sports makes the Sundowner 190 the perfect first boat to buy!