Choosing a Suzuki Outboard Boat Motor

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May 10, 2017
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Choosing a Suzuki Outboard Boat Motor

A boat without a motor is about as useful as a fishing rod without line. You’ve organised yourself a sweet little boat, but you need an outboard motor to power the vessel – and getting the capacity right is rather important! Placing dual 250-hp Suzuki outboards on a skiff or small inflatable is not only a waste of money – it’s dangerous for all who might be on board. Likewise, placing a little 10-hp Suzuki outboard motor on a deep-sea mono hull will get you nowhere in a hurry! Let’s have a look at the best Suzuki outboard motors for four common boat types…

Suzuki Outboards for Inflatable Boats

When it comes to small inflatable boats and rubber ducks, like this Suzumar 3.9m Inflatable, the outboard motor you choose will depend on what you’re looking to do with the craft. If you’re a lone wolf sort of boater, the Suzuki DF6 outboard is affordable and packs surprising punch with low- and mid-range torque for rapid acceleration when you need it. If you’re using your rubber duck to take the family out on the dam for a bit of water sport fun, bump your outboard motor up to a Suzuki DF15 or even the Suzuki DF20 outboard for a real inflatable boating thrill!

Suzuki Outboards for Bass Boats

Bass boats are designed with one goal in mind – to facilitate the successful capture of bass fish in lakes and dams all over the world. While most bass boat manufacturers build bass boats for tournament fishing, most who actually buy bass boats don’t fish competitively. If you’re taking your bass fishing to the next level, you’ll want to procure the biggest outboard motor your boat is rated for – like this Suzuki DF250 which is the motor rating ceiling for many bass boats. If you’re planning on taking your one fishing buddy out to cast a line every now and then, a mid-range Suzuki outboard motor like this Suzuki DF90 will do the trick! Remember, the bigger the outboard – the more fearful the fish!

Suzuki Outboards for Power Boats

10 years ago, it would have been tough finding a power boat that wasn’t stern-driven. In recent years, more and more power boat manufacturers began building power boats with transoms able to take outboard motors. The question is this: Which one will give you the biggest aquatic bang for your buck? You really don’t want to underpower a power boat, so if you’re planning some seriously fast water fun on your power boat – consider this Suzuki DF115 as a good mid-range outboard motor. Looking to pile on the people and tow a line during the summer holidays? Consider something a bit bigger with serious low-end torque, like this Suzuki DF200 outboard.

Suzuki Outboards for Deep Sea Boats

Boaters heading out onto the open ocean will want to carefully balance the fuel consumption and speed of their chosen outboard motors. If you go too big and beast-like with your outboard motor, you might run into fuel troubles after hauling to a sweet fishing spot – only to find that your remaining fuel won’t get you back to shore. For deep-sea boats between 20 and 25-feet in length, a single outboard like the Suzuki DF300 is more than enough. If your vessel comes in over 25-foot, you’ll want to consider dual outboard motors. Remember to check your deep-sea boat’s optimal horsepower rating before buying an outboard motor.

Suzuki Outboard Motors in Durban

Different boats are rated for different engine sizes, so before deciding on your favourite Suzuki outboard boat motor, speak to us at Natal Power Boats! We make it our business to know boats inside and out, and our friendly staff will be able to advise you on the best boat motor for your specific boat.