Choosing your boat – a beginner’s guide

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Choosing your boat – a beginner’s guide

Boat choice for beginners

We envy you. There are few things more exciting than buying your first boat. Even if you go on to purchase bigger and better ones later on, there are few things that match the thrill of stepping onto the first boat you’ve ever owned. Here are a few tips on choosing new boats for beginners like you.

Let’s get you informed

You’ve made the decision to splash out and get that boat you’ve been wanting for years. The only question now is, what do you get? It can be a tough call to make. Do you want a deep sea mono hull, a super duck inflatable, a cabin boat or a bass boat? Will it be new or pre-owned?
With our eighteen years of experience in the boating industry, we can certainly help you make these choices. The two major determining factors in your choice of boat are budget and purpose, i.e. how much you have to spend and what you’re planning to do with your boat.
For example, are you planning to use the boat for fishing? On fresh water or in the ocean? If you’re aiming for fresh water fishing then you probably want a bass boat and your budget will determine whether we find you a new or pre-owned one.
If you want to go deep sea fishing, on the other hand, then you probably want a cat or a large mono hull. Just looking to take a few family and friends out on the water on the weekends? Then you’ll want to take a look at our range of ducks.

Three Things You Should Do

After having considered your needs and budget, narrowed down your choice of boat and made sure it’s within your budget, then we suggest that you take a close look at a number of boats before you make your final choice. As far as this is concerned, there are three things you need to do: a walkthrough, a sea trial and a survey.
First walk around the boat and take a close look at its condition, then get on board the boat and do the same. Then let us take you for a sea trial – a quick trip out for you to get an idea of how your boat will move and handle on the water – and whether it’s really the one you want. Finally, you will need to have a survey of the boat done if you are not already provided with the various certificates you will need for insurance purposes. These include a certificate of fitness (COF) and a buoyancy certificate. We will help you acquire all of this paperwork too.
So, if you’re ready take that step, don’t hesitate to contact us so we can help you find the boat that’s right for you.