CAN-AM Side-By-Side ATVs and Why They Rock

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CAN-AM Side-By-Side ATVs and Why They Rock

Natal Power Boats are proud distributors of CAN-AM four wheelers, side-by-side ATVs and Spyder three-wheelers – all of which are available in a variety of colours and engine capacities! Today, we want to focus on our two types of CAN-AM Side-By-Side ATV namely, the Commander and the Maverick models. Check out the blog below to see which side-by-side ATV suits your needs and should you find what you’re looking for, you can head to our Contact Us page to receive a quotation.

The CAN-AM Commander ATV

This robust and versatile side-by-side ATV sports plenty of game-changing features that have transformed the off-road landscape. Performance, handling and design are tailored to a rider-centric, expertly thrilling experience that will keep you coming back for more.

The Commander is often described as the most versatile side-by-side ATV on the market, and for good reason. Whether it is put to recreational or utilitarian use, the Commander ATV is engineered to be bold and robust, with the ability to tackle any challenge it is faced with.

The Commander is fully equipped to dominate multiple terrain types with its expert handling capabilities, meaning you can venture into just about anything with confidence that your side-by-side ATV will have your back. The Commander is not shy to plough over, under or through anything that dares to get in its way.

The rider-focused design of the Commander provides you with ample room to bring along extra gear and companions, as well as industry exclusive storage solutions that keep your belongings secure throughout the ride.

Check out the CAN-AM Commander Side-By-Side ATV here.

The CAN-AM Maverick ATV

Lauded as the most powerful two-seater side-by-side ATV in the industry, the Maverick is designed to provide its rider with a comfortable and confident ride that exemplifies its roaring power. For the Maverick ATV, dunes, trails and rocks are not terrain or obstacles but rather a playground of possibility.

The Maverick is for a driver that wants to showcase their handling skill in a beast that only they can tame and bend to their will. The lightweight chassis and sport-tuned suspension make this ATV capable of going exactly where you want it to.

The Maverick ATV packs immense speed with its ability to go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in exactly 4.4 seconds. If that doesn’t convince you, then consider the 172 turbocharged horses and 124 foot-pounds of torque at 6500 RPM!

Check out the CAN-AM Maverick Side-By-Side ATV here.

Both of our CAN-AM side-by-side ATVs are designed to deliver an awe-inspiring all-terrain experience. Your preference is the only deciding factor when it comes to picking a winner, and frankly, we think the rider becomes the winner the second they strap in.

You can check out what ATVs we have in stock here. Visit the Natal Power Boats website for all of your boating, jet skiing, all-terrain vehicle, motor and boating gear needs.

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