Buying a Deep-Sea Fishing Boat

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Buying a Deep-Sea Fishing Boat

To us fishermen nothing feels as good as setting out on a deep-sea fishing session first thing on a Saturday morning, with rod and reel prepped and ready to land ‘the big one’ and enough bait to last hours. The fresh early morning air stings the lungs as the sun rises over the swells, with a light breeze promising to keep you cool as you battle the monsters lurking below your boat throughout the day. Sounds like a dream, right? At Natal Power Boats, we’re in the business of making boating dreams come true! Have a look at six essential considerations when buying a deep-sea fishing boat…

Large Fish Boxes

Nothing brings a deep-sea fishing expedition to an abrupt end faster than running out of space to store the fish you’ve caught! Deep-sea boats, like this Cobra Cat 525, features two fish boxes on either side of the sponson – giving you ample space to store your catch!

Lockable Storage Space

You really don’t want to be hauling your entire fishing gear compliment down to the jetty every time you’re in the mood for a deep-sea fishing trip. If your new boat has lock-up storage compartments, you can store your rods, reels, line and fishing tools right there on the boat!

High-Quality Stainless Steel

What happens to really cheap steel when it comes into contact with salt? Yes, it corrodes. Prevent having to see your shiny stainless steel deep-sea fishing boat components turn to chunks of corroded junk by ensuring your boat’s stainless steel parts are high quality (316-grade).

Plenty Rod Holders

If you don’t have a deck hand along for the deep-sea fishing trip, you’re going to want to attach your rod to the boat while you grab another beer or something to eat. Choose a boat with stainless steel or aluminium rod holders – avoid plastic if possible!

Ample Fuel Capacity

The more fuel your deep-sea fishing boat can store, the further you can venture on your fishing escapades. You don’t want to have to turn back due to fuel constraints when there’s a hot bite a click or two further along. Rule of thumb: use 1/3 of your tank to get to your fishing spot, 1/3 to return home, and 1/3 as reserve.

Protection from the Sun

No number of peaked caps and sun screen can fully protect you from the harshness of the African sunshine. Choose a deep-sea boat with a retractable cockpit cover, like on this Benguela 530 Cat, to ensure you get the UV protection you need when spending a summer’s day on the open blue.

Buy a Deep-Sea Fishing Boat in Durban

Natal Power Boats are the biggest distributor of Cobra Cat boats in South Africa, and we are passionate about all things boating and fishing. Looking to buy a new or pre-owned deep-sea fishing boat in Durban? Get in touch with us right here and we’ll find the perfect boat for you!