Brand Spotlight: Suzuki Boats & Why We Love Them

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Brand Spotlight: Suzuki Boats & Why We Love Them

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Suzuki is a brand name that goes back as far as 1909. It was then that the company was founded by a motoring enthusiast who, up to that time, had been a maker of textile looms. Since then, they have become a household name in the motoring and boating industries and we can understand why. For us at Natal Power Boats and in the boating world, Suzuki is a name synonymous with quality. Here’s why.

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Suzuki: A Brief History

By 1965, Suzuki had taken advantage of Japan’s post-World War 2 industrial boom to establish itself with enormous success as a producer of cars and motorbikes. In that year, it made its first venture into boating when it introduced the D55, its first outboard motor. Ever since it has been among the top players when it comes to manufacturing four-stroke motors.

7 Things to Love About Suzuki Boating

With all the hallmarks of Japanese quality and efficiency, Suzuki outboards have a number of unique design characteristics that set them apart. These features are not all found in each and every model in the Suzuki range, but there’s always enough of a combination of them to make each motor an attractive proposition.

1. Battery-less Electronic Fuel Injection

This makes for a quick and easy start and fuel-efficient operation.

2. Overhead Tank

The fuel is delivered from tank to motor by simple gravity, which means the engine can start without having to open the engine cover.

3. Three-way Storage

With the DF6 model, you can store your motor on either its port or starboard side or on its front. This allows hassle-free storage, without any stress about where you’re loading it and how.

4. Lean Burn Control System

This patented system regulates the fuel-air mix to your motor depending on the day’s conditions, saving you fuel and money.

5. Self-adjusting Timing Chain

The timing chain is equipped with a hydraulic tensioner that adjusts automatically, keeping the timing exactly where it should be at all times. The chain also runs in an oil bath, which means it never needs manual lubricating.

6. High-energy Rotation & 2.59 Gear Ratios

Power when and where you need it most. These motors are equipped with gears designed at a 2.42 gear ratio (larger than normal). This allows the motor to drive larger propellers, making for a more explosive forward thrust and better manoeuvring. Some models even come with 2.59 gear ratios to drive even larger propellers.

7. Water-detecting System

A water-detecting filter alerts the operator to the presence of water in the fuel mix, helping to root out and avoid low power output and corrosion.

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Natal Power Boats are Suzuki Pros

There are many other features too, such as selective operation, quiet operation and precision control. Contact us to discuss the full range of Suzuki outboards and motor-equipped boats. We’re sure you’ll love them just as much as we do.