Boating Tips: How to Prepare for a Deep-Sea Fishing Trip

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Boating Tips: How to Prepare for a Deep-Sea Fishing Trip


Going on a fishing trip is the ultimate experience; feeling the excitement rushing through you, having trouble falling asleep the night before over the anticipation of the day ahead and getting all your gear ready can make even the toughest guys’ eyes sparkle. Being prepared for your upcoming trip will greatly increase your chances of hooking the catch of the day. Check out how you can be equipped and ready for you trip below.

Get in That Much-Needed Rest

Like we mentioned above, we know this can be an exciting time, but a good night’s rest is crucial to having a great fishing trip. Getting a good rest is often over-looked when you are preparing for the deep-sea trip the next day but should not be forgotten as deep-sea fishing can be draining on your body and will likely keep you out for most of the day. The motion of the ocean, soothing hums of the motor and warmth of the sun can put you right to sleep or tire you out significantly that’s why it is important to be energized and ready for action.

Get Equipped With Your Non-Fishing Essentials

It is going to be a fun-filled but long day out in the sun, and sometimes rain, so best you be prepared to avoid anything slowing you down from why you’re there – to catch fish! Remember to pack cool clothing as well as rain gear to keep you dry, sunscreen, cap, and polarized glasses as the glare and solar intensity out in the open ocean is significantly greater than when on land. Be sure to also pack water and snacks to keep your energy levels up while doing what you love.

Choose Your Species

Before your trip, decide what species you want to target. Don’t show up to your deep-sea trip thinking you are aiming for rock fish, like Karanteens, when you’re visiting Marlin territory. Use your experience and do research on the species that occupy the location you will be fishing in, then narrow it down to 1-3 different species; this will help you increase your chances of hooking the fish.

Get Your Fishing Gear Sorted

Now that you know what you are aiming for, you can pack the gear you need. Whether it may be making traces, choosing your lures, getting live bait, or picking the right stick. You don’t want to pitch up at your big deep-sea fishing trip with size 10 hooks looking to hook a 10kg tuna.

Natal Power Boats Wants Your Fishing Trip To Be A Success

It is important to go in with the right attitude and you will reel in the catch of the day (fish can sense it). Remember, fishing is sometimes a frustrating sport but is also greatly rewarding, relaxing, a great bonding session and definitely a day well spent. So, make sure you have a positive outlook ready to have a complete jol out in the open ocean. Chat to us for any of your fishing boat needs, we’re always happy to help our fellow fishermen!