A Cat or A Mono?

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A Cat or A Mono?

Deep Sea Cats vs Deep Sea Monos

If you’re in the market for a new deep sea fishing boat, you may be having a tough time trying to decide which one to go for. You will be faced with two basic varieties: the monohull and the catamaran (which has two hulls). There are two basic kinds to choose from and they both have their pros and cons. We love both, of course, and can offer you fine examples of each. To help with your decision, here is a list of the most important pros and cons to consider.


Most likely the first thing you will look at will be price. Of course, how much you’re willing to pay will depend on a number of variables, including your needs and your budget. On the whole, however, if you are comparing a catamaran and a monohull, you will find that the cat is the more expensive of the two. This is because the building are costs are that much higher: constructing two hulls requires more labour and more materials.

The sneezing cat vs the spraying mono

If you’re planning to head out to sea, you have to be prepared to get a bit wet. How dry you manage to stay, though, will depend on your choice of cat or mono. It all depends on the direction of the wind and current, as well as how calm the seas are, but as a rule, monos tend to take a lot more spray over the bow, which means a damper ride on the whole. Cats, on the other hand, while providing for much drier decks, are also known for a phenomenon called the ‘sneeze’. This is where compressed air between the hulls blows a mist back out through the tunnel. This can also dampen your day a bit. All things considered, cats win out in the dry ride department.

Handling in rough waters

When the sea’s a little on its head, it is more than likely a cat you’ll be wanting to get through those rough waves. Some cats create compression tunnels – cushions of compressed air that form between the hulls. This softens the blow when you’re hitting the waves hard. The bows of many designs are usually very narrow as well, allowing the boat to slice through the water and making for smoother movement.

Power requirements

The major benefit of the catamaran is the efficiency of the hull design. Those sharp twin hulls and the compression tunnels between them, allow for greater ease of movement and less horse power to drive the boat. Monohulls, being less efficient, tend to require larger power plants and therefore their running costs can get quite a bit higher. There is a trade-off here between the price of the boats (lower for monohulls and higher for cats) and running costs (higher for monhulls and lower for cats).

There are other factors to consider too, such as deck space (usually more on monos), load-bearing capacity (better with monos) and manoeuvrability (generally a plus in cats’ favour).

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