7 Simple Cleaning Tips for Your Boat This Summer

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7 Simple Cleaning Tips for Your Boat This Summer

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Now that we have three or four months of beautiful weather ahead of us, you’ll probably be taking your boat out as often as possible. With all that use during Summer, you will need to keep your vessel clean between trips. Natal Power Boats gives you the 7 essential things you need to do to clean your boat easily and efficiently.

7 Steps To Keeping Your Boat Spick And Span This Summer

Cleaning your boat shouldn’t be something you only do when you take it out for the first time at the beginning of the season. It is important that you keep it in great shape, from top to bottom, throughout the summer months. This includes a regular cleaning regimen that you should apply every so often, after a good outing on the dam, lake or stretch of ocean of your choice. Here are the seven vital things you need to do to keep your vessel as clean as possible.

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1. Wash The Hull With A Specialized Boat Cleaner

Your hull is built to take a beating from the water, the sunshine and whatever dirt and grime it comes up against. Stains and discolourations on the hull are par for the course for boaters. First spray the hull with a hose or power washer, cleaning away whatever dirt you can see. Then, while it is still wet, apply a boat cleaner with a sponge or a brush. There are many specialised hull cleaning products on the market. Contact us and ask us about the best ones for your boat.

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2. Clean The Outboard Engines

Oil residue and watermarks tend to build up on your motors and make them look very unsightly. While you are spraying the hull, turn your hose onto the outboards as well. Then scrub them down with a brush and a strong, anti-grease cleaning detergent – dish soap will do the trick for most stains, but you might need a commercial degreaser for the really tough spots. Rinse after cleaning and then wipe dry with a soft towel.

3. Don’t Forget The Carpet

The carpet on your boat takes an incredible amount of abuse from water, muddy feet, fish slime, spilt drinks and snacks and more. It is actually made for this exact purpose, which means it isn’t too difficult to clean either. Spray the entire carpet from bow to stern. Use a detergent to scrub stubborn stains. Then use a wet/dry vacuum cleaner to clean the dirt and water out of the carpet’s fibres.

4. Wash Out The Livewells And Baitwells

Livewells and baitwells are traps for bacteria, stains and the unpleasant smells that go with them. Cleaning these tanks will make for a better experience for you and, in the case of the livewells, for the fish too. Remember to use a non-toxic cleaning product in the livewells.

5. Clean The Bilges

You can get a commercial bilge cleaner to dislodge all the dirt and sludge that quickly collects in the bilges. These products remove all the oil and grime, and deodorise the area, without affecting the metals, plastic or paint.

6. Clean And Polish The Console

Furniture polish or window cleaner will do the trick to keep your instrument panel and helm looking shiny and new.

7. Clean And Protect The Vinyl Seating

Your vinyl seating is constantly exposed to bright sunlight, causing it to crack and perish. Clean it and protect it with an all-purpose vinyl shampoo. If there are any stains on the vinyl, clean them off with dish soap and hot water before applying the shampoo.

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