5 Tips for Sanitising Your Boat

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5 Tips for Sanitising Your Boat

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If cleaning your boat hasn’t been a major concern for you up to this point, it’s probably more of a priority now in this time of social distancing and hand sanitisers.

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Part of the fun of boating is getting dirty in the process: mud, saltwater, silt, etc. Then, when you drop anchor at the peer or pull your boat out of the water, you need to clean it up and have it ready for the next trip. Here are 5 tips for sanitising your boat and keeping it great shape.

Boat Sanitation Tip #1: Rinse Your Boat Prior to Washing It

Before going to work scrubbing that hull, rinse it off with a hose. Scrubbing your boat when it’s dry can scratch the finish. So first rinse from top to bottom to help loosen some of the dirt and, as well as moistening the hull and making the scrubbing a little easier.

Boat Sanitation Tip #2: Be Careful Which Cleaner You Use on Your Boat

It is recommended that you use an environmentally friendly and non-abrasive detergent when cleaning your boat. Highly concentrated cleaners can strip away the finish. Find a detergent that cleans well, doesn’t harm your finish, and is also made in an eco-conscious manner.

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Boat Sanitation Tip #3: Dry Your Boat Between Washing & Waxing

To get a perfect, streak-free finish when you prepare your boat for waxing, dry your boat with a chamois or soft, dry cloth. This will ensure that your boat stays sleek and shiny at all times.

Boat Sanitation Tip #4: Don’t Forget Your Boat’s Canvas

Remember to clean all the canvas parts – sails etc. Mould and mildew can grow on these and get out of hand before you realise it. To clean these parts, use lukewarm water and a mild detergent. Rinse with clean water and then allow to air dry thoroughly.

Boat Sanitation Tip #5: Clean Your Boat’s Engine

Your boat cleaning is not complete until you have addressed the engine. An outboard motor can be cleaned with a simple mix of dish soap and water. If there are any tough grease stains, a commercial degreaser will do the trick.

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Like any treasured asset, a boat needs to be maintained and kept clean. Wash your boat after every time you’ve taken it out and keep it looking like new. For more information on boat care and maintenance, or to browse new and used boats, contact Natal Power Boats.

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