5 Summer Boating Activities for You To Try

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5 Summer Boating Activities for You To Try

As the holiday season gets underway, boat owners are getting ready to tow their vessels down to the beach launch site, dam or river for some fun in the sun and water. At Natal Power Boats, we firmly believe that having access to a boat opens you up to a whole new world, especially if you’re planning to head out onto open water.

5 Fun Things You Can Do With Your Boat

There is so much fun to be had on the water! Keep reading the blog as we reveal five of the most awesome summer boating ideas you can try this summer.

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1. Fishing

Fishing is not for everybody, but if you love it you can quickly become obsessed. There’ s more to it than baiting your hook, throwing out your line and waiting. It’s a sport with variations and techniques that are fun to learn – and it’s always rewarding when you get that big bite, whether you’re planning to catch and release or bring home your next meal. The whole family can try it and it can be both exciting and relaxing.

2. Water Skiing / Kneeboarding

Water skiing requires considerable skill and is not an easy beginners’ activity but it can be great fun if you know what you’re doing – and if you don’t, it’s fun to learn and/or watch. It’s also healthy and a pretty good workout.
For those who are not quite ready to try skiing – and for the kids – kneeboarding offers a simpler alternative, which is just as much fun.

3. Wake Boarding

Even more accessible than water skiing or kneeboarding, wakeboarding will keep you and the kids out on the water all day. You will have them asking for “just one more time” until the sun goes down!

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4. Good, Old-Fashioned Swimming

When the fish are caught (or aren’t biting at all) and the summer heat becomes too much, just jump off the boat into the cool water that surrounds you. Anchor your boat for a while and use it as a jumping base, taking refreshing dips as you please.

5. Diving

If you and your boating buddies/ family members have the training and equipment, you can also take your boat out in search of great diving sites to take the plunge and enjoy the underwater life for a while. Just be sure that you’re fully equipped and to follow all the necessary safety procedures.

Owning a Boat is the Key to an Amazing Summer

Enjoy your boat this festive season! If you don’t have one yet, why not take a look at Natal Power Boats’ range of new and used vessels? Contact us for more information.

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