5 Fishing Boat Safety Tips for You To Keep in Mind

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5 Fishing Boat Safety Tips for You To Keep in Mind

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Are you planning to take your boat out on a fishing trip at some point over the coming holidays?

Whether you have deep-sea fishing in mind or have a favourite dam or river that you like to frequent, make sure that you are safe. Natal Power Boats offers five important fishing boat safety tips that you absolutely must follow.

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Check Your Safety Gear

Before you even think of launching, check that all your gear is on board and working properly. There should be one life jacket per person, a throwable ring buoy or cushion-style float, at least one fire extinguisher and at least one signalling device.

Be Fully Informed About Weather Conditions

You probably know this already, but you should not head out to sea without full and relatively certain knowledge of what the weather is likely to do that day. Weather can change quite drastically without notice. If the weather forecast presents even the slightest possibility of stormy conditions, save your trip for another day.

Have a Float Plan

Plan ahead and know, with a fair amount of certainty where you will be and what time you intend to come back. Let someone on shore know so that they can alert authorities if anything goes wrong and you don’t come back when at the designated time.

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Know the Rules

When out at sea – or even on a smaller body of water – there are rules you need to follow, every bit as much as there are when you are driving on the country’s highways and byways. Make sure you know how to behave when you encounter another boat, the rules relating to right of way vs stand-on, as well as how to respond to authorities and so on. Don’t head out onto open water without knowing the rules.

Be Careful of Your Limits

It’s best to have someone on board who can share operating duties with you. You never know when you may need to hand over and take a rest. Extended exposure to noise, vibration, wind and glare can have a serious, short-term effect on your nervous system, not unlike alcohol or drugs and can lead to fatigue-like symptoms.

Fishing trips are great fun as long as you take all the necessary precautions, follow these fishing boat safety tips and keep yourself and your friends and family safe out there. If you’re in the market for a new or used boat or want to know anything else about boats and boating, contact us.

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