5 Best Summer Water Safety Tips

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November 10, 2017
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January 22, 2018

5 Best Summer Water Safety Tips

Yep, it’s already December 2017 and if you’re anything like us – you’re probably scratching your head trying to figure out where the year disappeared to.

Luckily, we’re smack bang in the middle of a super South African summer! When the temperature rises, we seek out large bodies of water for days of aquatic holiday fun.

While we love the idea of having a jol at the beach, dam, lake or river – we’d love it more if you remembered to stay safe while getting wet.

So, here are the five best summer water safety tips we can think of off the top of our heads…

Know Your Limitations

Can you swim?

Like, can you REALLY swim? If you were sucked 150 metres from the shore, would you be able to swim back? Are you fit enough to do so?

These are the questions you should ask yourself before heading into the water this year-end break.

If you’re not confident in your swimming abilities, keep to waist-high water as far as possible.

Don’t Drink and Swim

So, you were the captain of your school’s swimming team…

You’re confident in your ability to swim yourself out of aquatic trouble should you need to.

However, throw alcohol into the mix and it’s a whole different kettle of fish.

If you’re planning on making it phuza Thursday everyday these holidays, consider keeping your feet dry if you’ve had more than a few cold ones.

Wear Your Life Jacket

Heading out on a power boat at some point these holidays?

Perhaps you’ve just bought yourself a new jet ski and you’re planning on trying it out these December holidays?

If you don’t remember any of these summer water safety tips, remember this:

Always wear a lifejacket when hopping onto or off of an aquatic vehicle this year-end break.

Yep, that’s it!

Research the Area

Heading to the coast for the December vacation?

A good idea would be to research the area a bit, specifically looking at how strong the currents are at the beach, if it’s a jelly fish and blue bottle hotspot, and where the nearest hospital is located.

By doing this research before going on holiday, you’ll know exactly where you should and shouldn’t swim – as well as where to go should you or a family member have trouble while swimming.

Makes sense, right?

When in Doubt, Don’t Dive

If we had a rand for each time we heard about someone diving into shallow water and nearly breaking their necks, we’d be able to buy a Steers Whacky Wednesday!

Seriously though, do the smart thing before swan-diving to impress the bikini-clad ladies by checking the depth of the water you’re about to dive head-first into.

You might look a little lame checking, but you’ll look even lamer when heading back to work or school with a neck brace.